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Avatar: Motion Capture Mirrors Emotions

Kochadaiiyaan Official Trailer | Rajnikanth- This animation movie was made using 3-D scanning of all the actors using VFX technology. It was one of a kind and the very first made in India using this technology.

Future Technology Trends

The 5 Types of Animation

Zootopia’s Fur Technology

Clay Animation

Inner Peace Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Bird Animation- I found this animated bird and really liked it and used it in my animation.

animate-bird-slide-25              Sand Animation 

Puppetry Animation

Puppetry animation is created using the life like puppets instead of objects. The film ‘The Humpty Dumpty Circus’ (1908) created by J. Stuart Blackton and Albert smith receives credit as the first stop-motion animation film that features puppets. Nowadays puppet animation is most commonly used in children’s cartoons and films. An example of puppet animation used in cinema is in the film King Kong (1933).The Nightmare before Christmas (1993) is an American stop motion musical fantasy horror film directed by Henry Selick. It used 227 puppets to represent the characters in the film and also 400 heads were used to allow the expression for every possible emotion.

Puppetry starts at 3:03